Build 1833 - Recommended

Automatic payment posting ISR (Switzerland)

The Swiss banking system is converting more and more processes to ISO 20022. This also affects Swiss law firms that work with ISR. In the future, the well-known ". v11" text format will be replaced by CAMT. 054, an XML based file format. Starting with this build of timeSensor LEGAL, the software also supports the posting of CAMT054 files. The handling of the software does not change; the old and new file formats are automatically recognized and the payments transmitted in the files are recorded as usual.

Automatic adjustment to new VAT rates (Switzerland)

This build includes the automatic adjustment to the new Swiss VAT rates as of 1.1.2018. If you are a Swiss law firm and therefore affected by the VAT reduction, please read article A9. in our FAQ carefully.

Attribute changes for multiple documents in the document archive

In the document archive, it is now possible to change certain attributes for several documents at the same time. Previously, the attribute had to be set individually for each document. To use the new function, the documents must be displayed in list form. Then select several documents and click on the blue info button. Select the attribute you want to change from the menu. In the dialog box that appears, set the attribute as required and all selected documents will adopt the attribute.

Automatically terminating or restarting the 4D Server

In the case of multi-user versions, the system can be reset so that the 4D database either terminates or exits and restarts after the nightly data backup has been executed. This can be useful for systems with limited memory, since restarting the database will clear the cache and make more memory available again. Contact the hotline if you would like advice on this matter.

Improved Terminal Server scenario support

When using a terminal server, it could happen that the system returned the MAC address of the host system (instead of the virtual network adapter). To prevent different machines from using the same MAC address, tSL extends the MAC address internally with the machine name. This prevents errors when checking out and checking in documents on terminal servers.


Various bug fixes

Build 1823 - Maintenance

internal mandates

For internal mandates, the menu "Archive schedule lines" is now also available.

Memory optimization

For large databases, different optimization techniques are used on the server to better manage the available memory. In addition, in multi-user mode, it is now possible to automatically quit and restart the database server after the data backup, which releases the cache memory. This is interesting for systems where a strong fragmentation of the memory is detected.


Various bug fixes

Build 1795 - Maintenance


In the "Mandate folder" window, the sidebar folding mechanism has been removed for better window handling. Now timeSensor LEGAL remembers the last used size of the client folder, so that you don't have to resize the window every time.

Administration of users and groups

The user editor in the "Preferences" area now has a search field, which makes it easier to find the desired user accounts in large law firms.

Document size in the document archive

The maximum document size that you can set in the document archive has been limited to 50 MB per document. If you want to import a larger document, an error message is displayed.

Please note that the document size has not yet been checked. Until now, it could happen that an oversized document could not be transferred correctly to the server, for example because there was not enough memory. In such a case, a data record was created, but the document itself could not be transferred to the server. The new limits solve this problem.

Totalizing work in progress as of the key date

If, looking back on a key date, you want to know which services were not invoiced on that date, you can use the new command CASE_INSERT_QR ("historic_billable_total"). This command can be built into a QuickReport and works together with the date filters in the mandate list. In the example shown, all services are filtered according to the service date entered (that is, all services between January 1,2013 and December 31,2016). The new command then returns the total of these services. Should services be invoiced after 31.12.2016, they are still included in the total. This makes the new command useful for yearly accruals. Under the following link you will find a complete QuickReport, which you can import into your templates if necessary: OP List historical. 4qr


Further optimizations and bug fixes complete this update.

Build 1716 - Maintenance

Monitoring Presence Time With timeSensor LEGAL

The most important feature in this update is our expanded time sheet. Your employees now have the possibility to manage their presence time. The sidebar on the time sheet can be used as a timer to monitor work hours efficiently. You will find a description of this feature in our FAQ A35.

Create Cases From Templates

Our new case template feature allows you to reproduce entire case structure with one click in timeSensor LEGAL. You will find more about this feature in our FAQ A34.

Organize Deadlines and Reminders by Category

Categories are a useful way to manage a large number of deadlines and reminders. Start by creating categories for your deadlines. Go to "Settings", "Core Data", then select "Deadline Categories", and create as many categories as necessary, e.g. "Consulting", "Criminal Law", "Tort Law", etc.

You can now assign deadlines and reminders to these categories, using the new "Category" menu in the deadline window. By default, deadlines have no category.

You will also see the new filter in the overview window. You can now sort your deadlines by category, for better overview.



Postpone Deadlines and Reminders

The deadlines and reminders window now has a feature to postpone deadlines and reminders. Select the entries and choose "Postpone deadlines" in the action menu (you can also do this with a right click).

Colour Code for Archived Documents 

Archived documents can now be marked using our colour code feature. This may help you find important documents faster. You can select the colour in the document's "Information" window:

This will assign a colour to the document. You can then search for documents using colours in the "Search" menu. Colours are saved as numbers in the database. The numbers correspond to the colour sequence in the list:

  • 0 = no colour
  • 1 = red
  • 2 = orange
  • 3 = yellow
  • etc.

Improvements in accounting

Every time you add an entry in your accounting and assign it to a case, timeSensor LEGAL will suggest to transfer it to the dossier so that it can be invoiced. In the following example, we have entered an expense in the amount of 720.00 for a "Flight Paris-Berlin". The expense can be transferred directly to the dossier and processed for invoicing.

To create a visible distinction, entries that have been transferred to the dossier are displayed in green in the accounting and in the dossier. You will know immediately if an entry has been invoiced.

Minor Fixes

  • The INV_INSERT ("relatedNNN";...) command has been complemented with the syntax INV_INSERT ("relatedNNN.client" ; ...). The value ".client" works as a fallback value. It will instruct the program to fetch data from the related contact. If there is no related contact, the program will use data from the client.
  • The unread "red" ticket sound warning will be repeated every five minutes.
  • It is now possible to create Outlook emails with attachment under Windows.
  • Service entries in the timesheet could already be generated by adding minutes after the abbreviation (e.g. h35 for 35-minute fees). You may now also use a regular time indication, such as e.g. h2:35 for 2-hour 35-minute fees). This will make converting long hours into minutes unnecessary.


Build 1500 - Recommended

homeserver-v15New 4D Database v15

timeSensor LEGAL 6.0 is now based on the 4D database V15. The new version of the database insures compatibility with all current operating systems and certifies timeSensor LEGAL for use under Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. You will find more information regarding the compatibility with operating systems and the current system requirements here: Certification matrix 4D v. 15.1.


Update verfügbar
Automatic Software Update 

With timeSensor LEGAL 6.0, it is now easy to stay up to date. Until today, updates would be available once or twice a year and would require manual work on both server and workstations. timeSensor LEGAL 6.0 now informs the program administrator with a ticket, as soon as an update is available. The update process can then be started with the click of a mouse. The database server is shut down, the update is installed and the database server is automatically restarted. Once this is done, you may log in as usual, use all the new features and take advantage of the latest bug fixes. If the version of the 4D database changes, the update will automatically install the newest version of the client on all workstations. This saves time and costs!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-17 um 15.35.48Intelligent Client Software

The new client software will automatically remember the server and save you from having to select it every time you start the software. A simple double click will bring you directly to timeSensor LEGAL. Once installed, the client software will be automatically updated, even if the database version changes. In short: the new client software is easy, maintenance-free and time saving.






Your Personal Document Centre

From the Business edition upward, all editions of timeSensor LEGAL offer a document centre in your personal work area. This window will display all archived documents at the firm. Search for names or content, copy documents into other cases, transfer documents with a right click or set up notifications for every document that staff adds to your cases. You will not miss anything and will always be informed.

Compatibility With Word 365 and Word 2016

Microsoft made a few changes to the plug-in architecture and macros. timeSensor LEGAL 6.0 comes with a new macro which ensures compatibility between timeSensor LEGAL and the newest versions of Word. Thanks to this, you can let timeSensor LEGAL automatically produce and fill in your templates. Plus, you will remain compatible with the newest versions of Word.

And much more...

This timeSensor LEGAL update 6.0 contains over one hundred improvements and bug fixes.


Build 1538 - Recommended

06.12.2015 New Checkbox in Deadline Window 

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-06 um 22.58.08

At the bottom of the window "Deadlines and Reminders", you may check the box and hide all completed deadlines.










06.12.2015 Support for Outlook 2016 under Mac OSX

Drafting an email with attachment now works with Outlook 2016 under Mac OS X.


06.12.2015 New Fields in the Output Form for Invoices

We have supplemented the output form for invoices with the fields "Account Manager, "Executing", and "Business Source. You can now search for invoices within these fields and display the corresponding columns. The information will be copied in the invoice entry upon creation of the invoice and cannot be subsequently modified (even if, for example, the account manager was to change afterwards).

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-06 um 23.15.17






















06.12.2015 New INV_INSERT expressions

The new expressions INV_INSERT("services";"groupsummary") and INV_INSERT("services_all";"groupsummary") will show a list of all groups of services in a specific invoice or a case with corresponding revenue:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-06 um 23.50.27



08.12.2015 Transparent MDI interface now under Windows 

Windows users can now also take advantage of a transparent window interface (also called multiple document interface), just like Mac users have been used to. It is now possible to mask the program window under Windows. This will show the underlying desktop. It makes interactions with other software easier, such as drag & drop from the desktop.

Under Mac, the program windows disappear completely under the menu bar. Under Windows, the frame will remain visible. If you want to achieve the same look & feel as under Mac OS X, you should maximize the window.


You can turn the transparency feature on and off by clicking on the small window icon at the top right of the function bar and selecting the desired option. Each user can set this parameter individually.

Build 1546 - Maintenance

16.12.2015 Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed bugs in areas "Credit Notes" and "Accounting"
  • Fixed bug when delivering tickets
  • Content of password fields will again be displayed if you click in the field
  • Fixed bug caused by the automatic detection of standard email clients under Mac OSX that would sometimes produce an error message
  • It is now again possible to automatically "zip" a folder when using drag & drop into the archive folder
  • Minor GUI corrections


16.12.2015 Support for Outlook 2016 under Mac OSX

Direct drag & drop of emails now working under Outlook 2016. An adjustment to Mac OSX's "sandboxing" was necessary.


16.12.2015 Improved Templates

The expression CASE_INSERT("client";"info_boolean1-6") would only show "true" or "false", depending on whether or not the supplementary boolean field was checked. The expression now takes the field configuration into account and will display a more comprehensible text.

Build 1551 - Maintenance

10.12.2015 Improved Templates 

The expression INV_INSERT ("hours_nogroup_@") will show the total of hours, with the exception of service groups listed under "nogroup". Example:  INV_INSERT ("hours_nogroup_1200_1500") will show the total of hours for all groups of services, with the exception of the service groups 1200 and 1500.

04.01.2016 Improved Invoices 

Several users can now create invoices at the same time, without interfering with each other. The software will automatically avoid possible conflicts with the chosen invoice numbers.

04.01.2016 Improved Deadlines 

The field "Subject" in the dialog box for deadlines now has two lines and will entirely display even long case names.

04.01.2016 "Watch List" for the Document Centre 


Every user can now create his own "watch list" for cases in the document centre, which is available in our Business Edition and upwards. timeSensor LEGAL will display every newly archived document as unread for all the cases in the "watch list".

This new feature complements the fields "Account Manager", "Business Source", "Executing", and "Related Contact", with the possibility to only monitor selected cases.


06.01.2016 Take Over Default Invoice Settings From Any Template Case


Until now, you could only add one template case to the parameters, from which to import invoice settings into newly created cases.

You can now create as many template cases as you wish. When creating a new case, you will be able to choose from which template case you want to import the settings.

By default, upon creating a new case, the software will suggest to import the invoice settings from the last case created. This is because it is likely that all cases from one client will be billed with the same conditions. It is now also possible to choose to import the invoice settings from any other template case. You may use any case as a template case. To do so, just add the case to the list of template cases, as shown in the above screenshot.

However, we do recommend that you add the desired template cases in the dossier of the law firm, in order to facilitate maintenance.

08.01.2016 Arrange Invoices Into Quotas 

When you create an invoice in the dossier, you will now see a dialog box - just like for advance and partial invoices. This dialog box will help you review all specified settings for the new invoice one more time, and modify them if necessary. The button "Quotas" allows you to split the invoice to several recipients:

  • Click on the button "Quotas" in order to split the invoice into several quotas
  • Choose how many quotas you want to create
  • For each split invoice, you may select the share, the recipient and other parameters
  • One invoice is created for each recipient, under deduction of the shares of the other recipients
  • This new feature will, in most cases, replace the creation of partial invoices
  • The new feature may also only be applied to selected services (invoice for a selection)

Build 1554 - Recommended

29.01.2016 Automatically Save Word Templates With Macro

Working with Word templates which fetch data from the database with a macro is now even easier. In previous versions, the macro would create a .docx document but would not save it automatically in the database. From this version on, you will see a dialog box right after running the macro. This dialog box will allow you to save the document directly in the drafts. It will appear in the drafts as "checked out" (red line). Once you are done creating the Word document, you only have to check it in with a double-click.

In order to you use this new feature, you need to update the macro in your Word templates. The entry "B23." of our FAQ will show you how to do that.

Please note that if you hit and hold down the alt-/option key when opening a Word template, the new document will not be automatically saved in the database (as in the previous version).


29.01.2016 GUI Improvements for Windows Users 

Some adjustments in the user interface were necessary following the release of Windows 10. Several graphic objects are now properly displayed under Windows.

29.01.2016 Improvements for Users of Accounting Features

In order to increase user comfort, we have improved some accounting features.

Build 1564 - Maintenance

05.02.2016 Several Adjustments for Windows 10 

  • Improved display of GUI elements under Windows 10

05.02.2016 Several Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Allowed length for document names for Drag & Drop from desktop to tSL increased from 80 to 210 characters.
  • Possibility to customize labels for contact types has been reintroduced, under Parameters, tab "Contacts".
  • Fixed a bug when drafting an email directly from the case folder under Windows, if a document is selected.
  • "Cloud Drive" icon is now properly controlled. Fixed bug when creating and deleting documents from the Cloud Drive.