Build 1546 - Maintenance

16.12.2015 Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed bugs in areas "Credit Notes" and "Accounting"
  • Fixed bug when delivering tickets
  • Content of password fields will again be displayed if you click in the field
  • Fixed bug caused by the automatic detection of standard email clients under Mac OSX that would sometimes produce an error message
  • It is now again possible to automatically "zip" a folder when using drag & drop into the archive folder
  • Minor GUI corrections


16.12.2015 Support for Outlook 2016 under Mac OSX

Direct drag & drop of emails now working under Outlook 2016. An adjustment to Mac OSX's "sandboxing" was necessary.


16.12.2015 Improved Templates

The expression CASE_INSERT("client";"info_boolean1-6") would only show "true" or "false", depending on whether or not the supplementary boolean field was checked. The expression now takes the field configuration into account and will display a more comprehensible text.