Build 1538 - Recommended

06.12.2015 New Checkbox in Deadline Window 

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-06 um 22.58.08

At the bottom of the window "Deadlines and Reminders", you may check the box and hide all completed deadlines.










06.12.2015 Support for Outlook 2016 under Mac OSX

Drafting an email with attachment now works with Outlook 2016 under Mac OS X.


06.12.2015 New Fields in the Output Form for Invoices

We have supplemented the output form for invoices with the fields "Account Manager, "Executing", and "Business Source. You can now search for invoices within these fields and display the corresponding columns. The information will be copied in the invoice entry upon creation of the invoice and cannot be subsequently modified (even if, for example, the account manager was to change afterwards).

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-06 um 23.15.17






















06.12.2015 New INV_INSERT expressions

The new expressions INV_INSERT("services";"groupsummary") and INV_INSERT("services_all";"groupsummary") will show a list of all groups of services in a specific invoice or a case with corresponding revenue:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-06 um 23.50.27



08.12.2015 Transparent MDI interface now under Windows 

Windows users can now also take advantage of a transparent window interface (also called multiple document interface), just like Mac users have been used to. It is now possible to mask the program window under Windows. This will show the underlying desktop. It makes interactions with other software easier, such as drag & drop from the desktop.

Under Mac, the program windows disappear completely under the menu bar. Under Windows, the frame will remain visible. If you want to achieve the same look & feel as under Mac OS X, you should maximize the window.


You can turn the transparency feature on and off by clicking on the small window icon at the top right of the function bar and selecting the desired option. Each user can set this parameter individually.