Training in accounting

You're in control of all your invoices.

Before you start!

If you want to practice while watching the tutorials, you should download the current trial version of timeSensor LEGAL for Mac or Windows and install it on your computer. Contact your administrator or fill out the form to get your download link for our training software.

Our training unit in accounting covers the following topics:


  • List of cases
  • Debtors
  • Credits
  • Payments
  • Cash accounts

Work in case folders

  • Create advance invoices
  • Create partial invoices
  • Create regular invoices

Accounts receivable (Germany)

You want to enforce accounts receivable for your clients? You have accounts receivable against your clients? Use a dedicated account and keep the overview of the legal balance in your favour, including interests and compound interests. The training unit "Accounts receivable" shows you how it goes.

Tutorials in accounting

Our tutorials typically use timeSensor LEGAL Business Edition. Some options may be missing or there may be additional options, depending on your location and your edition of timeSensor LEGAL.