Build 1551 - Maintenance

10.12.2015 Improved Templates 

The expression INV_INSERT ("hours_nogroup_@") will show the total of hours, with the exception of service groups listed under "nogroup". Example:  INV_INSERT ("hours_nogroup_1200_1500") will show the total of hours for all groups of services, with the exception of the service groups 1200 and 1500.

04.01.2016 Improved Invoices 

Several users can now create invoices at the same time, without interfering with each other. The software will automatically avoid possible conflicts with the chosen invoice numbers.

04.01.2016 Improved Deadlines 

The field "Subject" in the dialog box for deadlines now has two lines and will entirely display even long case names.

04.01.2016 "Watch List" for the Document Centre 


Every user can now create his own "watch list" for cases in the document centre, which is available in our Business Edition and upwards. timeSensor LEGAL will display every newly archived document as unread for all the cases in the "watch list".

This new feature complements the fields "Account Manager", "Business Source", "Executing", and "Related Contact", with the possibility to only monitor selected cases.


06.01.2016 Take Over Default Invoice Settings From Any Template Case


Until now, you could only add one template case to the parameters, from which to import invoice settings into newly created cases.

You can now create as many template cases as you wish. When creating a new case, you will be able to choose from which template case you want to import the settings.

By default, upon creating a new case, the software will suggest to import the invoice settings from the last case created. This is because it is likely that all cases from one client will be billed with the same conditions. It is now also possible to choose to import the invoice settings from any other template case. You may use any case as a template case. To do so, just add the case to the list of template cases, as shown in the above screenshot.

However, we do recommend that you add the desired template cases in the dossier of the law firm, in order to facilitate maintenance.

08.01.2016 Arrange Invoices Into Quotas 

When you create an invoice in the dossier, you will now see a dialog box - just like for advance and partial invoices. This dialog box will help you review all specified settings for the new invoice one more time, and modify them if necessary. The button "Quotas" allows you to split the invoice to several recipients:

  • Click on the button "Quotas" in order to split the invoice into several quotas
  • Choose how many quotas you want to create
  • For each split invoice, you may select the share, the recipient and other parameters
  • One invoice is created for each recipient, under deduction of the shares of the other recipients
  • This new feature will, in most cases, replace the creation of partial invoices
  • The new feature may also only be applied to selected services (invoice for a selection)