Build 1554 - Recommended

29.01.2016 Automatically Save Word Templates With Macro

Working with Word templates which fetch data from the database with a macro is now even easier. In previous versions, the macro would create a .docx document but would not save it automatically in the database. From this version on, you will see a dialog box right after running the macro. This dialog box will allow you to save the document directly in the drafts. It will appear in the drafts as "checked out" (red line). Once you are done creating the Word document, you only have to check it in with a double-click.

In order to you use this new feature, you need to update the macro in your Word templates. The entry "B23." of our FAQ will show you how to do that.

Please note that if you hit and hold down the alt-/option key when opening a Word template, the new document will not be automatically saved in the database (as in the previous version).


29.01.2016 GUI Improvements for Windows Users 

Some adjustments in the user interface were necessary following the release of Windows 10. Several graphic objects are now properly displayed under Windows.

29.01.2016 Improvements for Users of Accounting Features

In order to increase user comfort, we have improved some accounting features.