B23. How Can I Update Macros in Word Templates?

Thanks to a macro specifically designed for this purpose, Microsoft Word can fetch data from timeSensor LEGAL and insert it in templates. New developments in Word may require an update in the macro. For example, since Build 1554, it is possible to save new Word documents directly in the case folder of timeSensor LEGAL. To use this feature, it is necessary to update the macro in the Word documents.

This is how to proceed to update your Word templates:

  • Download the newest version of timeSensor LEGAL's Word template from the timeSensor LEGAL Training portal. Keep the folder at hand by saving it on your desktop.
  • Open the template editor in timeSensor LEGAL. You will need administrator rights.
  • Go through the following steps for each document you wish to update:
    • Drag & drop the document from the template editor into the timeSensor template folder
    • Click and hold the shift key while you open the document "timeSensor template.docm" with a double-click (provided it is not open already)
    • Look for the "info button" (depending on your Word version, you will find it in the tab "add-ins", in a separate ribbon, etc.). Click on this button.
    • Word will ask you to select the document you wish to update.
    • The macro will be updated and Word will confirm this with a message.
    • Finally, drag & drop the updated template back from the folder into the template editor. This old template will be replaced.