Build 1500 - Recommended

homeserver-v15New 4D Database v15

timeSensor LEGAL 6.0 is now based on the 4D database V15. The new version of the database insures compatibility with all current operating systems and certifies timeSensor LEGAL for use under Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. You will find more information regarding the compatibility with operating systems and the current system requirements here: Certification matrix 4D v. 15.1.


Update verfügbar
Automatic Software Update 

With timeSensor LEGAL 6.0, it is now easy to stay up to date. Until today, updates would be available once or twice a year and would require manual work on both server and workstations. timeSensor LEGAL 6.0 now informs the program administrator with a ticket, as soon as an update is available. The update process can then be started with the click of a mouse. The database server is shut down, the update is installed and the database server is automatically restarted. Once this is done, you may log in as usual, use all the new features and take advantage of the latest bug fixes. If the version of the 4D database changes, the update will automatically install the newest version of the client on all workstations. This saves time and costs!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-17 um 15.35.48Intelligent Client Software

The new client software will automatically remember the server and save you from having to select it every time you start the software. A simple double click will bring you directly to timeSensor LEGAL. Once installed, the client software will be automatically updated, even if the database version changes. In short: the new client software is easy, maintenance-free and time saving.






Your Personal Document Centre

From the Business edition upward, all editions of timeSensor LEGAL offer a document centre in your personal work area. This window will display all archived documents at the firm. Search for names or content, copy documents into other cases, transfer documents with a right click or set up notifications for every document that staff adds to your cases. You will not miss anything and will always be informed.

Compatibility With Word 365 and Word 2016

Microsoft made a few changes to the plug-in architecture and macros. timeSensor LEGAL 6.0 comes with a new macro which ensures compatibility between timeSensor LEGAL and the newest versions of Word. Thanks to this, you can let timeSensor LEGAL automatically produce and fill in your templates. Plus, you will remain compatible with the newest versions of Word.

And much more...

This timeSensor LEGAL update 6.0 contains over one hundred improvements and bug fixes.