A35. How Can I Manage My Presence Time With timeSensor LEGAL?

timeSensor LEGAL is not a time stamp clock, but it can register when employees log in and out of the system. You can use this to monitor your staff's presence time and help with time recording in the time sheet.


Ask your staff to log in timeSensor LEGAL when they start work and to log out during lunch breaks. Further, request that presence time and entries in the time sheet have to be balanced at the end of the day. In order to use the feature, you need to enable "Presence time monitoring" in the account of every user who is going to use the new feature:


Monitoring Presence Time

Once presence time monitoring is set up, you can open a sidebar in the time sheet by clicking on the arrow at the top right of the window:


timeSensor LEGAL will automatically add presence time at the bottom of the sidebar according to every user's login and logout times. The last figure is "0:00", which means that the user is still logged in and the presence time continues to run.

Total presence time is displayed with a blue bar. The green bar shows the time entered in the time sheet. If the user has spent the whole day at work, the blue bar's length should correspond to the green bar's. This indicates that the user has entered all her hours in the time sheet.

The difference between the blue and the green bar is shown in the red bar. The difference bar will grow with every additional minute of presence time and will diminish with every entry in the time sheet. One particularly useful feature is the ability to transfer the difference, i.e. the time that has not been billed, with one click directly into the time sheet.