B5. How Can I Add a Language?

timeSensor LEGAL allows you to set up as many languages for your firm as you wish. These are languages that your firm will use to communicate with clients, to send invoices and other documents.

Each additional language will increase administration and maintenance efforts for translations and templates.



Adding a Language

To add a language, go to "Settings", then click on "Core Data" and choose "Languages". The window will show existing languages. Just click the "Plus" button to add a language.












Use the dialog box to enter the parameters for the new language:

  • Name: enter the new language's name
  • ISO 639-1 Code: choose the new language's ISO 639-1 Code
  • Translation Web Site: you can enter a reference translation website. You can access this website from your time sheet to create a translation.
  • Salutations: you can set up the salutations for men, women and legal entities. Salutations must be entered fully to guarantee consistency in your address book.






Update Translations

When you add a new language, you must remember to update the translation spreadsheet and translate all expression into the new language.

  • Go to "Settings", then click on "Core Data" and choose "Translations". Translate all expressions in the spreadsheet into the new language.
  • You also need to add the necessary translations to all entries which appear on invoices or in the general communication, in particular:
    • Service groups
    • Services
    • Price list
    • Executive levels
    • Countries
    • Tax rates

You will find a blue translation icon next to the text fields of these entries. Use it to enter translations for the new language.

  • Last but not least, add all templates used by your firm in the new language.


Bottom Line

Before adding a language, make sure that you really need it. After you've added a language, you will need to spend a fair amount of time to update and maintain it. Once this is done however, you will be able to use timeSensor LEGAL with every language you want.