A3. How Can I Organize Incoming Emails?

If you're using timeSensor LEGAL's email interface, you can feed emails directly into the system by sending them to the archiving inbox. The interface will recognize all emails which contain the case number and automatically assign them to the correct case.

Emails that the interface could not automatically assign will be displayed in red in the inbox. This FAQ entry will show you how to manually assign these emails:

  • Open the email that you want to sort and click on the small plus button on the right.
  • In the selector window, choose the client and other contacts to whom you wish to assign the email. You only need to select the address and to click on "Accept". You can also drag & drop the contact into the address line of the email window.
  • If you've selected several contacts without cases, you have to drag the contact which contains the case to the first position. It will appear in bold.
  • Once you've assigned a client, you can select the case in the next window, as well as add an archive and key words for archiving.
  • Click "OK" to finish the assignment and archive the documents in the case.

Tip: If you need to assign several emails in a row, use the small round arrows to navigate from one email to the next without closing the window.