A4. How Can I Create a Collective Invoice?

When a client has several cases, you may want to enter services in each case individually, but create a collective invoice. To do this, you will need an invoice file (billing file), which is a case used exclusively to invoice other cases (but which does not itself contain services).

Set Up

Create a new case and give it a name such as "BILLING FILE". Select the invoice defaults in the case settings and set the case to "invisible" in the Timesheet.

Next, place the cases which will be invoiced collectively under the invoice file, using the key combination "CMD" + "Right arrow". These indented cases are now subordinated to the invoice file.


Your staff will enter their services in the corresponding cases, as usual. When it's time to send the invoice, transfer all services to the billing file, using the command "Transfer from subordinated cases". We recommend that you use the case names in the title row. You can now create the collective invoice from the invoice file. You can easily structure the service lists by subordinated cases.

Warning: If you're using title rows, do not attempt to reorganize services in the invoice file. You will mix up the services from the various subordinated cases and will not be able to create a list sorted by subordinated cases.