A5. How Can I Import Contacts from Excel into timeSensor® LEGAL?

Follow these five steps to import contacts from Excel into  timeSensor® LEGAL.

  1. Prepare your contacts in Excel and save them as a tab delimited text file (.txt).
  2. In timeSensor® LEGAL, go to "Contacts". In the "Tools" menu, select "Import", then "Import Records...".
  3. In the dialog box "Import Table", click "Import" to select the Excel file.
  4. Adapt the title in the table and click the button "Import". You must assign a field to each column in the Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Check the table, then click "Next". Specify the contact type, and if necessary other options, before clicking "Create".

This will import all contacts into timeSensor® LEGAL.

Excel Template to Facilitate Import

We have created an Excel template "FAQ Default" to facilitate your work: FAQ Default

Enter your data in the correct columns and use the import filter "FAQ Default" to import all data into timeSensor® LEGAL. The model entries in the template are examples and can be deleted. You do not need to fill all columns. timeSensor LEGAL will try to supplement any missing information.