A6. Does timeSensor® LEGAL Support vCard?

timeSensor® LEGAL supports the import and export of contacts in the  vCard format 2.1 and 3.0.

Import vCards

A vCard may contain one or several contacts. To import it, you can drag&drop it from your desktop (or another folder), or use the command "Import vCard" in the "Tools" menu. You cannot drag&drop directly from the Apple Contacts.

Import a Single Contact

To import a single contact from a vCard, drag&drop it directly into a new dossier window. It is best to drop the vCard on the "label field" of the dossier window. Alternatively, you can also drop the vCard on a contact list window. An import dialog box will open that lets you import the vCard.

Import Several Contacts

To import a vCard with several contacts, drag&drop the file directly into an open contact window. The dialog box that opens will let you add additional information before importing the new contacts. At the end, the newly imported contacts will show up in the address window.

Export several contacts

Use the command "Export vCard" in the "Tools" menu to export several contacts. timeSensor® LEGAL will create a vCard 3.0 file, which can then be used by other software.

Adding One or Several Contacts to Your Apple Contacts

The "Contacts" button at the bottom of the contacts window lets you export the selected contacts to vCard and transfer them to your contacts with a single operation. The vCard contains an invisible identifier (UUID), which allows Apple Contacts to verify the contact and, if it is already in your contacts, update it.

Make sure that timeSensor® LEGAL can access Contacts if you want to add contacts from timeSensor® LEGAL to your Apple Contacts. Check the corresponding box in your system preferences, under "Security & Privacy", "Privacy", "Contacts".


Automation and iPhone Sync

Set up a local background task to force timeSensor® LEGAL to update your local contacts automatically. Every time you add or update a contact in timeSensor® LEGAL, the background task will automatically update your local contacts. You can then sync your local contacts with your iPhone using iCloud. This will make your timeSensor® LEGAL contacts directly available on your iPhone.

Follow these three steps to set it up:


  • Make sure that all of your local contacts from your Apple Contacts have been imported into timeSensor® LEGAL. Use the import feature in timeSensor® LEGAL to do that.
  • Delete all entries from your Apple Contacts.
  • Configure a background task that updates your Apple Contacts automatically. Your contacts will then again show up in your Apple Contacts and on your iPhone.



To set up a background task, go to "Settings", "Admin", and select "Background Tasks" (admin rights required). It might be wise to exclude some types of contacts from the background export task. If you're located in Germany, you may not want to sync the entire court contacts to your iPhone.