Build 1716 - Maintenance

Monitoring Presence Time With timeSensor LEGAL

The most important feature in this update is our expanded time sheet. Your employees now have the possibility to manage their presence time. The sidebar on the time sheet can be used as a timer to monitor work hours efficiently. You will find a description of this feature in our FAQ A35.

Create Cases From Templates

Our new case template feature allows you to reproduce entire case structure with one click in timeSensor LEGAL. You will find more about this feature in our FAQ A34.

Organize Deadlines and Reminders by Category

Categories are a useful way to manage a large number of deadlines and reminders. Start by creating categories for your deadlines. Go to "Settings", "Core Data", then select "Deadline Categories", and create as many categories as necessary, e.g. "Consulting", "Criminal Law", "Tort Law", etc.

You can now assign deadlines and reminders to these categories, using the new "Category" menu in the deadline window. By default, deadlines have no category.

You will also see the new filter in the overview window. You can now sort your deadlines by category, for better overview.



Postpone Deadlines and Reminders

The deadlines and reminders window now has a feature to postpone deadlines and reminders. Select the entries and choose "Postpone deadlines" in the action menu (you can also do this with a right click).

Colour Code for Archived Documents 

Archived documents can now be marked using our colour code feature. This may help you find important documents faster. You can select the colour in the document's "Information" window:

This will assign a colour to the document. You can then search for documents using colours in the "Search" menu. Colours are saved as numbers in the database. The numbers correspond to the colour sequence in the list:

  • 0 = no colour
  • 1 = red
  • 2 = orange
  • 3 = yellow
  • etc.

Improvements in accounting

Every time you add an entry in your accounting and assign it to a case, timeSensor LEGAL will suggest to transfer it to the dossier so that it can be invoiced. In the following example, we have entered an expense in the amount of 720.00 for a "Flight Paris-Berlin". The expense can be transferred directly to the dossier and processed for invoicing.

To create a visible distinction, entries that have been transferred to the dossier are displayed in green in the accounting and in the dossier. You will know immediately if an entry has been invoiced.

Minor Fixes

  • The INV_INSERT ("relatedNNN";...) command has been complemented with the syntax INV_INSERT ("relatedNNN.client" ; ...). The value ".client" works as a fallback value. It will instruct the program to fetch data from the related contact. If there is no related contact, the program will use data from the client.
  • The unread "red" ticket sound warning will be repeated every five minutes.
  • It is now possible to create Outlook emails with attachment under Windows.
  • Service entries in the timesheet could already be generated by adding minutes after the abbreviation (e.g. h35 for 35-minute fees). You may now also use a regular time indication, such as e.g. h2:35 for 2-hour 35-minute fees). This will make converting long hours into minutes unnecessary.