B6. How Can I Update the Court File in timeSensor LEGAL?

In Germany, the courts' addresses and locations are managed by a central federal office in Baden-Württemberg. timeSensor Ltd has subscribed to updates and regularly passes them on to its clients. You can download the newest version of the court file here.

The file is compressed and has to be unzipped before use. MacOS X users can simply double click on the file. Windows users should use an app such as "WinZip". Please ask your IT support if you don't know how to unzip the file.


Install the Update

You will need administrator rights to install the update.

Go to "Settings". Under "Admin", select "Advanced", then click the "System" icon.

Choose "Install Update", and select the newest version of the court file.

The database will be updated, which may take a few minutes. Please do not interrupt the process!


Any mistakes in the file should be communicated directly to the central federal office:

Gemeinsame DV-Stelle Justiz
Projektgruppe A
Zentrale Entwicklungs- und Pflegestelle für das automatisierte gerichtliche Mahnverfahren
Olgastr. 5
70182 Stuttgart
Tel. 0711 212 4141