Build 1795 - Maintenance


In the "Mandate folder" window, the sidebar folding mechanism has been removed for better window handling. Now timeSensor LEGAL remembers the last used size of the client folder, so that you don't have to resize the window every time.

Administration of users and groups

The user editor in the "Preferences" area now has a search field, which makes it easier to find the desired user accounts in large law firms.

Document size in the document archive

The maximum document size that you can set in the document archive has been limited to 50 MB per document. If you want to import a larger document, an error message is displayed.

Please note that the document size has not yet been checked. Until now, it could happen that an oversized document could not be transferred correctly to the server, for example because there was not enough memory. In such a case, a data record was created, but the document itself could not be transferred to the server. The new limits solve this problem.

Totalizing work in progress as of the key date

If, looking back on a key date, you want to know which services were not invoiced on that date, you can use the new command CASE_INSERT_QR ("historic_billable_total"). This command can be built into a QuickReport and works together with the date filters in the mandate list. In the example shown, all services are filtered according to the service date entered (that is, all services between January 1,2013 and December 31,2016). The new command then returns the total of these services. Should services be invoiced after 31.12.2016, they are still included in the total. This makes the new command useful for yearly accruals. Under the following link you will find a complete QuickReport, which you can import into your templates if necessary: OP List historical. 4qr


Further optimizations and bug fixes complete this update.