Build 1833 - Recommended

Automatic payment posting ISR (Switzerland)

The Swiss banking system is converting more and more processes to ISO 20022. This also affects Swiss law firms that work with ISR. In the future, the well-known ". v11" text format will be replaced by CAMT. 054, an XML based file format. Starting with this build of timeSensor LEGAL, the software also supports the posting of CAMT054 files. The handling of the software does not change; the old and new file formats are automatically recognized and the payments transmitted in the files are recorded as usual.

Automatic adjustment to new VAT rates (Switzerland)

This build includes the automatic adjustment to the new Swiss VAT rates as of 1.1.2018. If you are a Swiss law firm and therefore affected by the VAT reduction, please read article A9. in our FAQ carefully.

Attribute changes for multiple documents in the document archive

In the document archive, it is now possible to change certain attributes for several documents at the same time. Previously, the attribute had to be set individually for each document. To use the new function, the documents must be displayed in list form. Then select several documents and click on the blue info button. Select the attribute you want to change from the menu. In the dialog box that appears, set the attribute as required and all selected documents will adopt the attribute.

Automatically terminating or restarting the 4D Server

In the case of multi-user versions, the system can be reset so that the 4D database either terminates or exits and restarts after the nightly data backup has been executed. This can be useful for systems with limited memory, since restarting the database will clear the cache and make more memory available again. Contact the hotline if you would like advice on this matter.

Improved Terminal Server scenario support

When using a terminal server, it could happen that the system returned the MAC address of the host system (instead of the virtual network adapter). To prevent different machines from using the same MAC address, tSL extends the MAC address internally with the machine name. This prevents errors when checking out and checking in documents on terminal servers.


Various bug fixes