B29. How Do I Create a New Entity?

You can create a new entity quickly. To do this, open the "Advanced" window in your settings, under the "Admin" section.

Create the new entity with one click on the "Plus" icon, positioned on the bottom left-hand side of the window.

Enter the entity's name in the first box, and in the second box fill in its abbreviation or acronym.

The currency for the new entity can be determined in the next box. It is important to note that the currency can be determined once only when you create it, and it cannot be changed thereafter.

For VAT-based accounting methods, you have the following options: "Not obligated", "Received fees" and "Agreed charges". You are able to select your appropriate setting here. For collected fees, you can additionally select the flat taxation rate. The corresponding tax number can then be entered into the next box.

To adapt the visual display for the "timeSensor" client to your taste, you may choose a color scheme from the color palette.

If you need to transfer data from an existing entity, you may make this selection right at the bottom of the selection list, i.e. select the existing entity from which you require the base data, in order to automatically create the new one.