C18. Which ports must not be blocked by the firewall?

Different tasks in timeSensor LEGAL need to access internet resources to work properly. Please make sure that the following ports are open on your firewall. Access is always initiated by timeSensor LEGAL.

Absolutely necessary ports:

Port: 8080
This port is used to query the license server via HTTP so that new updates are detected and displayed.

Ports: 20, 21
These ports are used for downloading updates via FTP. Please note that large update packages of up to 1 GB can be downloaded and they must not be blocked by the firewall.

Only when using the email interface:

The email interface must be able to communicate with the mail server. Therefore we recommend leaving the usual email ports open for POP3 and SMTP.

Only for external access:

Ports: 19812, 19813, 19814
These ports provide external access to database, SQL and SOAP servers. For security reasons we recommend, when necessary, ensuring external access via VPN connections, because then these ports don’t have to be opened.