A18. How Does the Statistics Feature Work?

To access the Statistics window, go to "Special" and click on "Statistics". This feature lets you analyze the data that's been entered into the timesheets. The basis of your statistics is always the recording of services.

Analysis Modus

At the top left, you can choose between Turnovers, Quantities and Key Figures to analyze your data. The statistics will show amounts, hours or relations, depending on your choice.


In the left bar, choose how you want to structure your statistics. For example, you can sort the amounts by executives, by account managers or by clients.


In the top part of the window, you will find a variety of filters. Filters work cumulatively. For example, you can see all billable for one staff member.


By default, statistics are shown on a yearly basis. If you want a detailed view, double-click on the column of a year to switch into a monthly view. If you double-click on the column of a month, you will see daily statistics. To go back to the first view, just click on the column of a day.

Print or Export to Excel

You can print statistics with the printer button or copy the entire chart with a right click and paste it into Excel.





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