A19. How Do I Export my TSL Accounting?

To export your accounting from timeSensor LEGAL, go to "Special", "Accounting", then select "Export".
Select your export options in the "Export Transactions" window:

  • The Period from menu lets you select the start date for your export.
  • The Period to menu lets you select the end date for your export.
  • The Format menu lets you select the export format from the drop-down menu.
  • Click OK and select where to save your file.
  • At the end of the process you will see a window indicating the number of entries that have been exported.
After a successful export, it is recommended that you close your accounting in timeSensor LEGAL for the exported period. This will guarantee that no further entries are made for this period and that your accounting software is synchronized with timeSensor LEGAL.
To do this, go to "Accounting", then select "Settings" and enter the beginning of your current accounting period. If you have just exported your accounting for 2016, the current accounting period should start in January 2017.