D14. How can I use the Exchange interface?

What is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange Server is a groupware and email transport server software from Microsoft. It serves the central storage and management of e-mails, appointments, contacts, tasks and other elements for multiple users and thus enables collaboration in a workgroup or in a company.

An Exchange interface in timeSensor LEGAL enables you to transfer addresses, appointments, deadlines and reminders to the Exchange Server. This allows suitable client applications (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, mobile devices or telephone systems) to use this data directly.

The following features distinguish the Exchange interface of timeSensor LEGAL:

  • Support of personal Exchange accounts: each user only sees the data that affects and interests him. So each user can decide for himself whether he wants to subscribe to a specific address or not.
  • Continuous one-directional synchronization: every change to the data record in timeSensor LEGAL is immediately pushed into the relevant Exchange accounts. This ensures that the contacts on the smartphone are always up to date.

Hosted Exchange

You can run an Exchange Server yourself, or you can use the services of companies that offer "Hosted Exchange" (e.g. www.qualityhosting.de). On the Exchange Server, a personal account is created for each user.

Setting up the interface in timeSensor LEGAL

Log in to timeSensor LEGAL with admin rights and switch to the settings. Then click on Admin and then on Advanced. A new window will open.

Change to the System tab and then to the Interfaces tab. Click on Activate to activate the interface in timeSensor LEGAL. If the field should be grayed out, then the module is not licensed.


After you have activated the interface, close the window and click on Users in the function bar. In the User Editor, switch to the Users tab and double-click on the user where you want to store the Exchange account.


Next, select the Exchange tab (if the interface is not enabled, the Exchange tab will not appear).

Then fill in the user data as follows:

Host: Here you have to enter the external URL of the Exchange Server. Ask your IT supporter. The external URL should be like this: https://mail.domain.com/ews/exchange.asmx

Username and Password: Enter the e-mail address and password from the e-mail account you have set up here.

Finally, click Testen to submit a request to the Exchange Server. If the icon changes from red to green, the interface is set up. If the icon remains red, you should check your entries again.


Synchronizing Addresses

In order to synchronize contacts from timeSensor LEGAL to your Exchange account, you must first mark them. Open a file of an contact that you want to synchronize and switch to the Sync tab at the bottom right. Select the user who wants to synchronize the contact to their account.


If you want to synchronize several or all contacts, go to the respective contact list in the Contacts area and select the desired contacts.

Then click on Tools at the top of the menu bar. Click on Modify Selected and then on Set Exchange Sync.