B32. How do I archive incoming and outgoing emails?

If you want to save an e-mail from yourself or your client in the archive in timeSensor LEGAL, the column Type will show either "Inbound" or "Outbound". This indicates whether the e-mail is incoming or outgoing. You can change this manually by selecting the archived e-mail and clicking on the blue info sign and changing the status of Kind.

When importing an e-mail via drag & drop, timeSensor LEGAL tries to guess whether the e-mail was incoming or outgoing. The following algorithm is used for this purpose:

  1. The sender of the e-mail is read out
  2. All e-mail addresses of employees are reviewed
  3. If the e-mail address of the sender matches the e-mail address of an employee, the e-mail is listed as Outbound.
  4. Otherwise, the e-mail is automatically listed as Inbound.

Enter your e-mail address

First open the contacts of your employees and open your dossier. If you have not yet done so, enter the e-mail address(es) with which you work, i.e. receive and send e-mails. You can also enter more than one e-mail address.

Link the employee to the user account

As soon as you have entered your e-mail address, switch to the Settings and there switch to the User tab. Open the user account of the employee for whom you have entered the e-mail address. There you go to the menu Identity and click at the bottom, for employees, on the cogwheel to open the selector window.

Go to the employee contacts and drag and drop the employee into the field. You have now linked the employee address and the system knows who has which e-mail address.