Build 2270 - Maintenance


The following improvements have been made and are implemented with build 2258.


The address categories in the master data sheet have become more flexible. Previously, a category was only available for a specific address type. Categories for different address types can now be made available. Create the desired category for the address type of your choice and use the selection area to use the category for other address types:

Individual hourly rates

Until now, hourly rates were always mapped using price lists, which in turn were assigned to the desired mandates. This is still the recommended working method. Nevertheless, timeSensor LEGAL now also offers the option of setting individual hourly rates per employee for exceptional cases.

To do this, select the "Individual prices" option in the mandate settings in the small menu to the right of the price lists. Then click on the "Define..." button to enter an hourly rate per person.

Please note that this new option offers even more flexibility, but also requires more maintenance. If you hire new employees, you must maintain the individual prices in each case. Of course, this is not necessary when using price lists.

Copy 'Our reference'

When using the e-mail interface, it is advantageous to list your own file number in the subject or in the text. Thus the email can be assigned by the interface to the correct mandate.

Therefore the new version offers the possibility to copy the file number by right-click. This functions on the one hand in the mandate list and on the other hand in the mandate folder with a right click on the title:

Invoice templates

For invoice templates, it is now possible to use the expression INV_INSERT("lines_otherwise_billed";"services") to call up a list of "otherwise billed" services.

Annual report

Due to great demand, two new expressions were introduced in timeSensor Legal. The expressions are:
ACC_INSERT("dated_services_report") and
The first printout displays all unbilled services at one time ("Work in progress"), the second printout displays all unpaid invoices at one time.

Two templates with the expressions were created for this purpose, which can be downloaded, unzipped and inserted into the address management templates via drag and drop:

All open services at year-end

All open invoices at year-end

Bug Fixes

About 30 bug fixes and small improvements complete this maintenance update.