D11. How Do I Set Up the Starface Interface?

Starface is a VOIP based telephone system that works well on Mac and Windows. Some editions of timeSensor LEGAL come with a built in Starface interface. With this you can:

  • Make phone calls directly from timeSensor LEGAL
  • Trigger automatic actions by incoming calls (e.g. open the case folder)

On the technical side, the connection works through an http communication between your 4D server and the Starface telephone system. You need to activate the 4D module "4D Web Application Expansion" for your 4D server to communicate with the Starface system. Once this module is activated, you can set up Starface.


If your Starface server is in the cloud or in a different zone of your network, you need to open the ports 8080 and 8081. The communication between the Starface server and the 4D server goes through these ports. Whenever the Starface server receives a call, it must reach and inform the 4D server. The HTTP request initiated by Starface must be transferred from the firewall to the IP of the 4D server through ports 8080/8081. Please ask your network administrator to adjust those settings.

Enter your external IP and port 8080 in a web browser to see if you can see the 4D web server from the outside. (https://externe-IP:8080)

The following image should then appear:

Setup Part 1

The 4D server must be able to reach the Starface telephone system . For this, you will need Starface's IP address.

  • Use a ping request to check if the Starface system can be reached from the server
  • If that is the case, enter the IP address in timeSensor LEGAL: Go to "Settings", then choose "Admin" and "Advanced"
  • Click on "System" and choose "Starface" in the menu "Technology"
  • If your Starface appliance is located in your local network: Choose "Local" and enter the IP number in the "Starface Server" field
  • If your Starface appliance is located in the cloud: Choose "Cloud" and enter the IP number in the "Starface Server" field. In the field "External Office IP", enter the IP address of your firm


Setup Part 2

You need to add the following information to the user accounts of each user who will use the interface:

  • Autostart: You can enable or disable this feature, which automatically starts the interface at login
  • Inbound Call Action: You can define how timeSensor LEGAL must act when it receives a call and recognize the number. You can choose among the following options:
    • Case or dossier (recommended setting for lawyers)
    • Dossier (not recommended)
    • Business card (recommended setting for assistants)
  • Username: enter the login ID for your Starface account here.
  • Password and Extension: timeSensor LEGAL uses this information to log in the Starface server. Enter your password and login ID for your Starface account, the same ones that you use to log into the Starface Web interface. Your Starface administrator will enter this information in the Starface GUI under "User"; talk to your administrator if you have questions.
  • Important: the username and extension field must be exactly the same.

Using the Starface interface

Once the interface is properly set up, you will see a telephone icon in your command bar when you log into timeSensor:



The icon is blue when the interface is active. It is grey when the interface is inactive. You can activate the interface by clicking on the icon. If you select the option "Autostart", the interface will be activated automatically after login.

To dial, just click on the telephone icon. You will find the icon in convenient places in the software. Starface will call your extension and dial the selected number as soon as you pick up.