A1. How Can I Find Archived Cases?

Archived cases are hidden. You won't find them in the dossier. In this entry, we will show you how to access or reactivate archived cases:



Case Folders

In the window "Find Case Folder", check the box "Incl. archived" to include archived cases in the search. When the box is checked, archived cases will show up on the list. They will appear in red and can be opened - just like all other cases - with a double click.

Thanks to their red titles, archived case folders are easy to spot. When you open the dossier from an archived case folder, the archived cases in the case list of the dossier will also appear in red.

This way, you can easily access and reactivate archived case folders or cases.





Hold down the SHIFT key when you open a dossier and go to the "Cases" tab to display archived cases in red in the case list. Now you can open an archived case and convert it into an active case.



Case List

In the area "Finances", hold down the SHIFT key and click the "Cases" button to display archived cases in the list. You can use the search field "Status" to filter and show only archived cases. Select the search field "Status" and enter the value "2". Active cases have a "0", inactive cases a "1" and archived cases a "2" in the "Status" field.

The difference between Inactive & Archived

If you change the status of a mandate to "Inactive", you will no longer be able to work on it. However, it will still be visible in the dossier. Inactive documents can be identified by the fact that the text is greyed-out. Changing the status to "Inactive" pauses the mandate.

On the other hand, setting the status of a mandate to "Archived” will close it permanently and cause it to disappear from the dossier overview. The text of such documents is displayed in red.