Build 1597 - Maintenance

Update 4D Database to 15.2

We are happy to deliver the new 4D database with this build. It is a maintenance update which contains several bug fixes. You will find more information regarding the new database here.

Thanks to our new update system, which comes included in the software since timeSensor LEGAL 6.0, the database client on all workstations will be updated automatically. Open timeSensor LEGAL on a workstation that still runs an old version of the client and the update dialog box will pop up. Just click on "Update" to start the update process. The new version will be downloaded automatically and installed on your workstation. Once this is done, the client will open, as usual.

Note to Windows users: The automatic update system will only work if the database client is saved in the folder "Documents" belonging to the logged in user. If your client is located in your program folder ("Program Files (x86)", please proceed as follows:

  • Quit timeSensor LEGAL
  • Move the folder with your database client in your "Documents" folder

Note to Mac users: The automatic update system will only work if you have write permission on the folder where the database client is located.

New Organizing Tools in the Case List

Larger firms find it particularly useful to filter and display services for specific periods or staff members. It is now easier to filter services in the case list. At the bottom of the case list (area "Finances", button "Cases"), a click on the arrow will reveal advanced filter settings.

Further, the "Tool" menu, under "Records", contains additional filtering tools. Just like in the contact list, you will find the following commands:

  • Select
  • Hide
  • Invert
  • Show All

You can now tailor the case list exactly to your needs.


Budget for Fee-Based Cases Now Covers Subcases 

Do you invoice your services on an hourly basis (fee-based case) but use subcases to enter your services? In that case, monitoring the budget was only possible after the services from subcases had been transferred to the fee-based case. In order to avoid going over budget, timeSensor LEGAL now includes subcases when monitoring the budget. You no longer have to transfer services from subcases for this feature to work.

Further Improvements and Bug Fixes

This upgrade contains another 20 further improvements and bug fixes.