Build 2173 - Recommended

Improvements in regard to data protection

The classic login window of timeSensor LEGAL is not optimal in terms of data protection, since it displays all users, groups and entities. This may not be a problem for a small law practice in the protected environment of a local network, but it can be an issue if you move the database to the cloud or if your database is accessible via Wi-Fi.

Accordingly, from this version onwards, you can choose between more convenience and more security in the "Special" menu item of the "Admin" menu, in the "Security" tab of the "System" section. We recommend that you further improve your login dialogue protection by using Level 3 or Level 4.

Improvements in Word templates with macros

In the past, older Word versions sometimes crashed when more than 250 fields were exported to a mail merge. For this reason, timeSensor LEGAL only exports a limited number of relationships by default.

Newer versions of Word are more robust and can handle more than 250 fields. Accordingly, there is now an option to remove this limitation and use all the relationships that you have created in timeSensor LEGAL for your templates. You will find the new setting in the "Special" menu item of the "Admin" menu, in the "General" tab of the "System" section.

Dossier colour options

The dossier background colours (pink for women, blue for men and grey for companies) has not been well received by all users. If you prefer to use a neutral colour for your address dossiers, you can choose to display all dossiers in a discreet standard grey with the new "Dossier background" setting.


Linking templates and additional content

When using templates, it may be useful to have easy access to information relating to the current template. From this build onwards, you can store a URL for a template, which will be opened automatically when the template is used. This allows templates to be linked with internal or external content.

And as always...

Some minor improvements and bug fixes.