Build 1776 - Maintenance

macOS Sierra Compatibility

4D Database version 15.4 has now been released. It is certified for macOS 10.12 "Sierra". We have updated timeSensor LEGAL to the new version of the database. It is now available with this build in beta version. You will find the certification matrix for the new database here.

"Claim Account" Module Has Been Revamped (Germany)

The "Claim Account" module has been completely revamped. The new module is clear, user-friendly, reliable and comes with more features than the previous module. We have also created an informative print template for the new module, which will certainly be appreciated by the courts' clerks. You can download the template here. Delete the old template, unzip the new one and drag & drop it in your template window.


Simultaneous Writing Access to the Time Sheet

Whenever two users make changes to the same time-sheet at the same time, some of these changes may be overwritten. To avoid this conflict, timeSensor LEGAL now assigns full reading and writing rights to the time sheet to the first user who opens the time sheet. Further users will only be granted reading rights. If you wish to continue to allow for several users with writing rights in the time sheet, go to "Special", "Timekeeping", "Settings", and "Time Sheet" and choose the corresponding option:

Update Credit and Retainer Display

Credit and retainer fields may sometimes not be updated in the case list. The administrator can now update these fields by clicking on the "Calculator" button while holding "alt" + "cmd/ctrl".

Budget Warning

Until now, timeSensor LEGAL would send a ticket as soon as the budget was exceeded. You will now receive a ticket soon before, as well as after the budget is exceeded. This will give you more time to speak with your client about the budget limit.


Several small bug fixes and improvements.