D12. How Can I Transfer a Single User Version to a Different Computer?

In general

The single user version of timeSensor LEGAL consists of two parts:

  • the app "timeSensor.app", located in your applications folder (path: /Applications).
  • the folder "timeSensor DataFiles", located in the shared user folder (path: /Users/Shared/).

You can copy both parts of the program to a USB key or a hard drive and transfer them to another computer. You will need to copy both parts in the exact same place on the new computer. The following screenshots show the parts of the DEMO version. For single user versions, the parts are the same save for "DEMO":

Activation Code

You need to enter an activation code to use timeSensor LEGAL on your computer. If you transfer to a new computer, you will need to activate the licence again. Make sure that you request your new activation code with timeSensor Ltd early enough. The former licence will become invalid with the issuance of the new licence. You will need to enter the new code as soon as you start timeSensor LEGAL on the new computer.


Once you've made sure that timeSensor LEGAL and all data has been properly transferred to the new computer, we recommend that you delete the program and all its data from the old computer.