Build 1702 - Maintenance

New "Support" Dialog

In the menu, go to "File", then click "Support" to open the support window with the following options:


  1. FAQ, eMail Support and Telephone Support
    These tabs contain information regarding the various support options and let you:

    • open the FAQ list on the training portal
    • start an email support conversion
    • call the support hotline (with telephone interface only)
  2. Access to the Server
    TeamViewer Host is installed on your database server ( This software gives remote access to your server to our support team. Until now, TeamViewer Host was always running. The new version of timeSensor LEGAL lets you start and close TeamViewer on your server. We recommend to close TeamViewer Host for security and confidentiality reasons and start it only when and as long as needed (e.g. contact with our hotline). 



Numerous minor improvements and bug fixes.