B21. How Can I Set Up timeSensor LEGAL In Order to Receive All Important System Messages?

From time to time, timeSensor LEGAL may need to send important messages regarding the system, security or communication. The software will send a ticket to all pre-defined users. Examples:

  • The daily backup of the 4D server failed. This system error will be reported in a ticket.
  • A user has entered a wrong password three times in a row. This important security issue will be reported in a ticket.
  • The attachment in an email is too big and that email cannot be archived. This will be reported in a ticket.


If you want to be notified by timeSensor LEGAL every time something like that happens, you can set this up in your user account. Go to "Settings", "Users", the open your account settings. Under "Options", you will need to set your expertise to "Power User".

Then, select the notifications you wish to receive. You will then receive all tickets relevant to the area you have subscribed to.

Make sure that the person in charge at your office receives every relevant notification. This way, you will be alerted of all potential problems and can act accordingly.