B20. How Can I Add Tags?

Tags will help you save and organize additional information in the master sheet. This information will be searchable. Unlike normal fields, tags are separate entries which are attached to the master sheet. Use tags to:

  • enter partners, children or pets of your clients in your CRM,
  • register vehicles, weapons or other resources of your clients
  • enter hobbies or particular interests

Define Tags

You need to define tags before you use them. Go to "Settings", "Core Data", then choose "Tags".


You can add a tag with the plus button. In the following example, we will create the tag "Family" and add three groups: "Pets", "Children" and "Partner". You can add each group with a click on the grey plus button.

In the tab "Fields", you can customize the fields of your tag. To add a field, click on the action menu and select "Create field".

Proceed and define the new field:

  • Under "Name", enter the name of the new field
  • Under "Field length", define the allowed number of characters
  • Under "Default value", you can enter a default entry that will be filled in every time the tag is added. The default entry may be replaced by the desired value.
  • Under "Options", you can decide whether this field may be modified by all users or only by an administrator.
  • Under "Choice List", you can create a list of default values. Separate entries with a paragraph break. You can choose to allow only these values or let each user define the value. You can also decide to allow all users to modify the list.
  • If the custom field is a date field, the last tab will be "Formatting":
    • The minimal value is the lowest value that can be entered
    • The maximum value is the highest value that users can enter
    • Under "Formatting", you can select how the date should be displayed
  • If you have created an "Integers" or a "Reals" field, the last tab will also be "Formatting":
    • The minimal value is the lowest value that can be entered
    • The maximum value is the highest value that users can enter
    • Under "Format", you can define the format of the integers number
  • If you have created a boolean field, you will only have two tabs. The first tab is "Field Definition" and the second "Formatting". The second tab lets you enter the values for true or false. If you only define one value, the field will be displayed as a checkbox. If you define both values, users will have to select either one in a bullet-point list.

Add Tags to the Dossier

You can add as many tags as you want on the first page of the dossier. Just go to the "Tags" tab and click the plus button to add a new tag. You can delete tags with the minus button. In the following example, we have added tags for the partner, the children and some particular interest of a client.


Search Entries for Tags

You can search for tags in the address list, using the search icon. In the search window, you can for example search for all clients whose partners have a birthday in July.