B19. How Can I Export Deadlines and/or Appointments?

The background task "Deadlines" will export all entries in "Deadlines" or "Calendar" in iCal format. One file will be created for each employee, either under a local path, on a ftp or a webDAV server. If you want to subscribe to those deadlines with an iPhone or use them with an iCal compatible calendar, it is recommended to export to webDAC Share. To do so, follow these steps:

Export Deadlines

Please note that deadlines will only be exported if the employee has activated iCal export in his deadlines or his calendar (menu "Tools").




Activate Export

Go to your personal space, then click on the "Deadlines" button or the "Calendar" button. In the menu "Tools", select "iCal export".

In the iCal Export window, check "Turn on iCal Export". You can choose to export deadlines as events or as to-do's.

  • Export as event will create an entry in the main window of your iCal calendar and is recommended for your calendar.
  • Export as to do will create a task. This is recommended for deadlines.



Please note that every user has to set up the Calendar export individually. The above mentioned process will only work for the user who is currently logged in.

Activate the Background Task

To export deadlines regularly, you need to activate a background task. Go to "Settings", "Admin", then select "Background tasks". In the editor, click on "Deadlines" to set up the background task.

Set Up the Background Task

In a system with one workstation, the background task will run on the local workstation when timeSensor LEGAL starts. In a system with several workstations, the background task can be set up on the server or on the local workstation. It is advisable to set up the task on the server. To begin, choose if you want to set up the task on the server or on the workstation. Then, turn on the task and define the timeframe for timeSensor LEGAL to run the export. You can set the task to begin at 01:00 and end at 23:55. This will leave about an hour every night for backups and updates without other tasks running in the background. You can choose how often you want repeat the task in the interval. The interval should be set between 3 and 5 minutes. In the following example, we have chosen the minimal interval of 1 minute.


Set up a dedicated share on your server for the export. Activate the WebDav protocol in the settings of the share, even if no webDAV export is run.


Next, set up a local export on your server. You will have to install the timeSensor client on the server.

  • Open the task manager and click on "Deadlines"
  • Set up a local export
  • On your server, select the share that you have just created. You will find it in the shared folder on the server's hard drive.

Please note that timeSensor will only perform an export if at least one user has activated iCal export, as mentioned above.

Once all this is set up, timeSensor will export to the share one .ics file for each user who has activated the task.



 Open your Calendar. Under "File", choose "New Calendar Subscription..."


Please make sure to enter the Calendar URL exactly as follows:

http://"inter IP address of the server"/webdav/"name of the share"/"name of the .ics file"

The expression "webdav" in the URL is mandatory, the other expressions will depend on your settings. To look up the name of the .ics file, just open the share and copy the name. Usually, the name should look like this:


For example:

  • Deadlines_MMU.ics
  • Deadlines_SAM.ics


Once this is done, Calendar will import the file. You may customize some settings in the next window.
Please remember that one calendar will be generated for each user. If you want to see the deadlines of all employees, you need to import all their calendars. Each calendar is an individual .ics file.


Settings on iPhone or iPad

Enter the username and password for the webDAV share. Select "Save" to subscribe. Your iPhone or iPad will regularly download the deadlines and show them in your calendar.


Settings for Outlook

You can subscribe to an iCal with Outlook. For more information click here: