B18. How Can I Set Up Standard Deadlines?

Standard deadlines will show up as options in the action menu every time you add a new deadline. They make adding pre-defined deadlines easier.

Set Up Standard Deadlines

Go to "Settings", "Core Data", then select "Standard Deadlines". You will find some predefined deadlines on the list. You can add standard deadlines using the plus button or delete them by clicking the bin.








Use the editor to set up the new standard deadline:

  • Choose a name in the field "Title".
  • Under "Add", select the number of days, weeks of months to add.
  • Under "Start", choose if the deadline should start on the day of the event or on the day after the event.
  • You can exclude Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays as end dates.
  • You can set up a reminder with a ticket.
  • Under options, indicate if this is a legal respite.





Use Standard Deadlines

All standard deadlines are available in the deadline calculation tool: