B17. How Can I Monitor Working Hours/Holidays and Create Work Schedules?

This entry will show you how to monitor the working hours and holidays of your employees.


Step 1: Create an Internal Case

You need to create internal cases so that your employees can enter work hours and leaves. Go to "Contacts". If your firm does not show up under "Employees", add it now.

In the dossier of your firm, add cases for:

  • Vacation
  • Sick leave
  • Military service
  • Continued education

Make sure to select the position "Internal" under "Status".

If you want to define a number of hours for a specific case, e.g. a number of vacation days, click on the checkbox "Metered case".

Step 2: Add Work Schedules

To monitor work hours and vacation, you need to create an individual work schedule for each employee. Open the employee's settings in the user editor and assign a work schedule. If you need to create a work schedule, open the scheme editor.

In the scheme editor, there are several tools that you can use to calculate your employee's work hours. You will need to define the planned work hours for each month.

First, enter your employee's workload. Select the line "Workload", then choose "Calculate Workload from calendar...". This will only work if you have previously entered a valid calendar for your firm, including local holidays.








Using the assistant, enter your employee's daily workload. Based on your settings and your calendar, timeSensor LEGAL will calculate the employee's workload. These are the number of hours that your employee should do every month.

If your employee has joined during the year, make sure that this is reflected in the editor. The workload should begin when your employee has joined and previous lines should be empty.

Then, enter the monthly hourly budget for each metered case. If your employee works 42 hours a week and has five weeks of vacation, you should distribute the total vacation time of 210 hours over the year. Each month will have a budget of 17.5 hours vacation. You can facilitate this process by using the feature "Spread hours evenly".

Once this is done, you can start monitoring work hours.



Time Tracking

Instruct your employees to keep track of all time, including sick leaves, vacation, and such, by using internal cases. Your staff will just have to select the corresponding case in the time sheet. Please note that all entries must be made in hours. One week vacation should be entered as 42 hours in the case "Vacation".

Monitor Work Hours

To monitor work hours and vacation, go to "Special", "Timekeeping", then select "Time and Holiday Balance". This feature will calculate work hours and vacation by comparing work schedules with hours entered in the time sheet. At the top right of the window, you will see the total number of vacation and the total number of absences. In case of an overdraw, the number will be red. If your employee has worked overtime, the total absences will be green.