A16. How Can I Provisionally Invoice Services With Partial Invoices?

In every case, you can create as many partial invoices for your client or third parties. Partial invoices will be deducted from the final invoice, just like retainer invoices.

It is recommended to use partial invoices:

  • when you do not know exactly how much the final invoice will be
  • if you are uncertain whether to apply your hourly or standard rates
  • if third parties are carrying some of the costs
  • if you want to present your client with a total invoice at the end of the case

You can create partial invoices based on a lump sum or invoice services entered in the dossier using the feature "Partial invoice from selection". In both cases, the partial invoice will show up in the invoice list with a green icon.

Example: Monthly Invoice for Services

  • To invoice all services provided in the previous month, select them in the dossier, then choose the option "Partial invoice from selection" in the action menu
  • This will create a partial invoice. All invoiced services will remain visible with a green marking.
  • The following month, just select the services that have not yet been invoiced and proceed as usual
  • At the end of the project create a final invoice by selecting "Invoice" in the action menu. All services will be invoiced, including the ones with a green marking. However, partial invoices will be deducted.
  • Hint for German law offices: If you decide at the end to invoice according to RVG principles, you will have to delete the services in the dossier (use the grey minus button) and create an RVG invoice using the RVG window.