B12. How Can I Set Up the Case Reference Number and Name ("Our Reference")?

Case reference numbers are often a matter of preferences and local customs. You may want a continuous numbering, add the year, or begin each year at 1. timeSensor LEGAL can do all of that.

Go to "Settings", "Parameters", then select "Finances". Under the tab "Case Opening", you will find the following options:


Numbering: Choose permanently increasing if the numbers should continuously increase, year after year. Choose "Flexible" if you want to start at 1 every year.

Year of opening: You can choose to add the year of opening. The separator will be a vertical bar "|".

Case name: You can add the case reference number in front of the case name, which is advisable in larger law offices.

Format: Select the number of digits for your case reference. If you add less than 999 cases a year and start at 1 every year, then three digits will be enough.

Hint: If you make changes to the case reference system, you can choose to automatically update existing cases by using the button "Update existing Cases".