B14. How Can I Add and Modify Accounts?

This article shows you how to:

  • maintain and update the chart of accounts in timeSensor LEGAL
  • set up an ISR payment procedure (Switzerland)

In General

timeSensor LEGAL comes with a set of pre-defined accounts which are used for accounting. You may want to modify the account numbers to match your chart of accounts. We recommend that you make sure that the pre-defined accounts have numbers that match your chart of accounts.

If you want to use timeSensor LEGAL for all of your accounting (cash and bank accounts), i.e. including expenses, you will need to add to following accounts to your chart of accounts:

  • all important asset and liability accounts on your chart
  • all expense accounts on your chart

Hint: You can change account numbers at all time, without interfering with your existing bookings. Existing bookings will automatically use the new account number.


Open your chart of accounts

Go to "Special", "Accounting", then choose "Chart of Accounts".

Add or modify accounts

Use the plus button to add accounts or double-click an account to make changes. The editor has up to three tabs, depending on your settings.

Import Chart of Accounts

Instead of manually adding each individual account, you can also import accounts from a chart of accounts. You will learn how to do this here.


Tab "Settings"

Enter the account number according to your chart of accounts under "Account No.". You may not choose an existing number. Enter a name under "Name", then select the account type from the drop-down menu. You can choose between "Assets", "Liabilities", "Revenue", "Expense", and "Opening/Closing". You can enter a starting balance for your balance sheet accounts (assets and liabilities).


Tab "Ledger"

Assets and liabilities accounts can also be set up as ledgers. You can book "ledgers" directly with timeSensor LEGAL. They will show up under "Ledgers" in the "Finances" area. These are usually your petty cash account, bank accounts and postal chequing accounts. You can also set up ledgers for your company's credit cards.

Check the box "Serves as Ledger", then set up your account and fill out the fields. Under "Publish in these Areas", you can choose which users should have access to the account. Users with access will have a red mark. You can set up an employee's credit card as an account in his area so that this employee can book his expenses directly. Enter a prefix and number under "Manual Document Prefix and Next #". timeSensor LEGAL will use these numbers for every booking.


You can also choose a colour for the layout of the account. Click on the white box and select the colour from the chart. This colour will be used for this specific ledger and will make it easier to recognize it in lists and charts.

Finally, for accounts that your clients will use for payments, enter the account information that will be printed on the invoices. This text can automatically be added to your invoice templates with a 4D expression.






Tab "ePayment"

To enable electronic payment with your bank, you need to enter some specific settings. At this time, only the ISR payment procedure for Switzerland is implemented in timeSensor LEGAL. You can set the horizontal and vertical position of the ISR number on your print template. Follow the instructions at the end of this tutorial. Our new GUI allows to precisely choose the position of your ISR number on the template:



The following tutorial explains how to set up and use the ISR payment procedure. It is aimed at law offices in Switzerland: