B11. What Should I Do at the End of the Year?

Program administrators should make a few updates and changes in timeSensor LEGAL at the end of every year. Here are the most important ones:

Additional Yearly Backup

We recommend that you make an additional backup at the end of the year and save it on a separate data medium. This may be useful for accounting or any other compliance issue. Ask your IT supporter if you do not know exactly how to do this.


We advise that you print out the following lists at the end of your accounting year:

To print these templates, go to Addresses - Employees and select the record of your own law firm. Then click on the printer icon at the bottom right and open one of the above templates.

Download these two files and unzip them. Then start timeSensor LEGAL and open the staff list from the contacts area. Then click on the print symbol in the lower right corner. In the newly opened window, select the gear symbol at the bottom left and create a new template according to the above lists.

Click on "Open" under "File" and select the downloaded and unpacked list. Confirm with "OK".

If you have not yet saved these templates, it is important that you save them under Addresses and not in Finance.

Restart Numbering

If your case references should start at 1 every year, make sure to set the number back to 1 before you create the first case of the year. timeSensor LEGAL will take it from there and restart numbering.

If your invoice numbers start with the year, then go to "Settings", "Parameters", "Finances", and open the "Receivables" tab. There, increase the "Next Number" (e.g. 20170001).



If your archiving numbers (reference used for archived cases) should start at 1 every year, you will have to set the number back to 1 when you archive the first case of the year. Some versions of timeSensor LEGAL let you set back that number in the "Case Archiving" tab.

Update Time Periods

For accounting, timekeeping and payroll accounting (Switzerland), you can set up periods within which entries will be displayed and may be modified. To update those periods:

Go to "Special", "Accounting", then select "Settings":



Go to "Special", "Timekeeping", then select "Settings" (Smart Edition upwards):


Go to "Special", "Payroll Accounting", then select "Settings" (Switzerland only, Business Edition upwards):



For the three settings shown above, the period of time for which the display is shown should not exceed five years. This means, for example, if you want to open the year 2020 for accounting, then you must set the period from 2015 to 2020.

Update Work Schedules (Optional)

If you monitor your employees' work hours and vacation time with timeSensor LEGAL, you will need to update their work schedules every year. Use the action menu to automatically calculate the workload with your firm's calendar and distribute vacation time evenly throughout the year.