B10. How Do I Create a Drop Folder?

A drop folder will help you archive documents in timeSensor LEGAL. Just drop a document in the drop folder and timeSensor LEGAL will automatically import it into your spooler. If you drop the document in a case folder within the drop folder, it will be automatically archived and will show up in the case folder.

Set Up a Drop Folder

In your spooler, go to "In", then click on "Drop Folder" and select "Set Drop Folder..." Choose an existing empty folder or create a new one. This folder will be your drop folder. Choose "Open", read and accept the warning regarding documents in your drop folder.

timeSensor LEGAL will automatically add one folder for every client in this drop folder, as well as one folder per active case with the clients' folders.

This folder structure within your drop folder will be updated by timeSensor LEGAL. If you create a case, a corresponding folder will be added automatically. The same goes if you change a case name. Do not make changes to the folder structure yourself, let timeSensor LEGAL manage it.

Use a drop folder

A drop folder is your "Entrance door" to archiving with timeSensor LEGAL. The software will constantly look for new documents in your drop folder. timeSensor LEGAL will import every new document in your spooler and delete the original file in your drop folder. Only add copies to your drop folder to avoid losing data.

  • timeSensor LEGAL will ignore documents that you add to the first folder (the drop folder itself).
  • timeSensor LEGAL will import documents in a client's folder to the spooler. The newly important document will be red so that you can assign it to the right case manually and archive it.
  • timeSensor LEGAL will import documents in a case folder to the spooler and archive it directly in the corresponding case.


A drop folder can help you manage scanned documents. Scan the document, then save it in the right place in your drop folder. A good scanner will even send documents directly to the drop folder.

A drop folder can also be useful to archive emails. Save your emails from your email client directly into the drop folder. Please follow the instructions in the FAQ entry on the subject.

Further Advice

Handling a drop folder (structure, search, and import) can use a lot of resources. It is advisable to only set up one drop folder for your network on a shared server. timeSensor LEGAL will then only manage one folder, instead of the many folders your users might add individually.

File name restrictions differ between operating systems. Make sure to use file names that are accepted on all platforms if users in your network have different OS.