B9. How Can I Create Additional Fields?

You can create additional database fields in the tab "Additions" of the dossier. For example, you can specify who at your firm should sign the Christmas card. You can also indicate if a client should get an invitation to the end of the year cocktail or receive the newsletter.

The tab "Additions" in the case settings also lets you add additional fields for your cases. For example, if your firm deals with trademarks, you can use these fields to help you manage those trademarks (registration date, deadlines, etc.).


A new field in the dossier will be available and useable in all your contacts. The same goes for new fields in your case settings.

Create Additional Fields

You will need administrator rights to create new fields. Otherwise, you may only use, but not create, such fields. Additional fields are arranged according to their types:

  • Alpha fields may contain up to 255 characters
  • Date fields are designed for dates
  • Boolean fields are Yes/No or True/False fields
  • Decimal number fields may contain numbers with decimals
  • Integer fields may only contain numbers without decimals
  • Text fields can contain longer texts

Click on an action menu to create a new field. The editor window to set up the field will depend on the type of field.

  • Field Definition
    Give a name to the field, and add a colour if desired.
    Define the field length and a default value. You can also specify if all users may modify the properties of the field.
  • Choice List
    If you have a choice list, you can enter it here and force users to choose a value from the list.
  • Filter & Format
    Precisely define the types of entry that you can make.

Click OK to confirm your changes. The field is now active and can be used. You can always access the field settings and make changes or delete it. Please note that if you delete a field, all information it contains will be lost.

Use Additional Fields

Additional fields work just like normal fields. They will appear in your search menu and you can add them as a separate column on your lists.