A37. How can I generate a list of work in progress by key date?

You can use timeSensor LEGAL to print out a list of services that have not yet been billed as of a specific key date. The process is as follows:

Select the services

In the "Finance" area, click on the "Clients" button to display the client list. In the footer of the client list, click on the small triangle to show advanced search options. Enter the desired end date in the "To" field (e.g., 31.3.2016).

Print the list

In a second step, you must now print the corresponding list. Click on the Print button and select the "OP List Historical". The list is now printed out:

Creating the list for the first time

Since this is a relatively new feature in timeSensor LEGAL, the "OP List Historical" may not yet have been created in your database. You can create the list as follows (assuming you have the appropriate access rights):

  • Download the list here and unzip it
  • In the template selection window, click on the action button and select "New list"
  • Name the new template "OP List Historical" (or another name of your choice)
  • In the small "File" menu, select "Open" and then open the previously downloaded and unzipped list
  • Save the new template by clicking "OK"
  • Your print template can now be used.