B31. How do I change the letter paper used in my templates?

Over the course of the year, you may on occasion wish to change the office letter paper, whether it be due to changes in the information returned or a new layout.
To carry out the following manipulations, you require access to the timeSensor® LEGAL settings.

Changing letter papers for 4D Write templates

Make sure that you have the new letter paper available as a PDF (operating Mac only) or in SVG format (mixed systems or Windows only).

Navigate to the letter paper settings in timeSensor® LEGAL (Settings / Parameters / General / Letter Paper).

Double-click on the letter paper that you want to change. In our example, we will change the letter paper for letters.
With a double-click you will go into the Scheme Editor, where you can see the various letter papers and their specifications.
If the layout you use for the first page and that of the following pages of your letters are different then you will see that here.

Double-click on the template. A small window will appear, in which you can edit various details. Generally, you will only need to replace the picture element here.
Drag, therefore, your prepared PDF document into the Picture Elementfield. timeSensor will now replace the old image with the new one. If you want this picture element to be printed on the first page only, make sure just that the First Page option is ticked.
Subsequently, confirm the changes with OK.
In the event you only use one letter paper for all 4D Write templates, you have already made all the necessary adjustments to the settings.
If you have a second letter paper for the pages following the first page, then you need to repeat all the steps for this. The same goes for all letter paper schemes that you have on file (there are two in our example: Letter and Invoice).

Changing letter papers for Word templates

If you need to change the letter paper for your Word templates too, please make sure that you are familiar with Word templates and that you have the folder containing the Word macro on your computer. You can download this here.
In contrast to 4D Write templates, letter papers cannot be set globally in Word. They must instead be set for each individual template or changed as appropriate.
You need to carry out the following steps for each Word template. Please note that the same goes for each language. Therefore, when you, for example, write the same Word document once in German and once in French, you will need to change the letter paper for each language.

Navigate to the Template Editor and find your Word templates. You can drag and drop the Word file either directly into the timeSensor_templatefolder or go via your desktop.
Now, open the Word file while holding down the shift key. The macro dialog, with which you are familiar, will appear.
Double-click on the header to activate it. Choose the picture that was stored there and delete it.

Now, drag your new letter paper, which you have prepared on your desktop, into the header.
Word will recognize the letter paper as an image and will automatically bring it to the foreground. This is not what we want for a letter paper, however. Set the image, therefore, to be displayed