A25. How Can I Delete Cases?

Delete Cases

If no services have been entered into a case, you can delete it at any time by clicking on the small "minus" button at the bottom of the case list.

As soon as you've entered services, the "minus" button will disappear and you can no longer delete a case with one click. If you wish to delete it, you must select all services in the case and either delete them or transfer them to another case.


Transfer Services

Select the services and choose "Transfer To" from the action menu at the bottom right of the window. Now choose the case to which you wish to transfer the services.

Delete Services

Services with a white background can be deleted at any time.

Services with a blue background are from staff's personal time sheet. You can delete it in the dossier, but that only means that the service will change to non-billable. The service must also be deleted from the staff's time sheet.


If you've created invoices, you will need to delete those before deleting the case.


Drafts and documents will not be affected if you delete a case. They will only lose the relation to the case, but will remain visible in the dossier under "Drafts" or "Archive".