A17. How Can I Find Case Folders and Cases Related to a Contact?

The search window "Find Case Folder" in your personal area lets you find case folders based on several pieces of information:

Search for cases

Option 1: Search for a case number
If the case number is added to the case name, set the search field to "Case Name" and start typing the case number. All cases starting with the case number will show up.

If you restart numbering your cases at 1 every year, you will see results from past years as well.

Tip: Sort your list chronologically. Right click on the header of the list to show the field "Created On" and sort the list using this column. The newest cases will show up at the top.


Search for clients

Option 2: Search for clients

Set the search field to "Client" and enter the first few letters of your client's name.

The list will be filtered and show all clients whose names correspond to the letters entered.







Search for opponent

Option 3: Search for opponents or other linked contacts

Set the search field to "Client", then enter the relation, followed by a colon and the name.



Search for opponent



Tip: You don't have to write out everything. It's sufficient to type in the first few letters of the relation (e.g. "opp") and of the name.









Search for court

In this third example, we're searching for a court.











How can I find cases related to a contact? 

In the area "Contacts", you can search for cases related to any contact by using the feature "Check For", "Related Cases" in the "Tools" menu. It will show a list of all cases which have been linked to this contact:

Search for cases related to a contact