D13. How do I install a timeSensor® single-station system?

To install a single user system on your Mac, please follow this procedure:

  1. Download the latest version of the timeSensor installer. To do this, you have to enter your email address.
  2. Open the downloaded .dmg file, if it does not open automatically. You can now see the drive icon of the .dmg file on your desktop. The corresponding window then opens.
  3. In this window, drag the installer into your "Programs" folder (Applications) in order to copy it to this directory.
  4. Now close the window and drop the .dmg file in the trash, as it is no longer needed.
  5. Navigate to your "Programs" folder and from there, start the "timeSensor Installer".
  6. Install the desired program (single user edition) for your chosen country and language. This process takes a few minutes while the application and initial data are downloaded from the Internet and installed on your computer.
  7. When the installation is successfully completed, start The timeSensor application in your "Programs" folder. You can maybe take this opportunity to drag the program directly into to your dock to be able to start it easily in future.
  8. Enter your activation code to activate your program for full operation. Note: you can find the activation code on the packing list.
  9. Accept the license agreement.
  10. Now the setup wizard starts , so you can enter the initial parameters. Before you can start to use the program, you should go through the setup wizard completely. This allows the most important software parameters to be pre-configured.
  11. Contact our hotline if you have any questions or problems.