B30. How do I import a chart of accounts?

Avoid having to manually input accounts by creating a chart of accounts. This is how you go about it:

Preparation in Excel

Prepare the chart of accounts in Excel. Fill out three columns in your Excel document:
- Column 1 for the account number
- Column 2 for the account name
- Column 3 for the account type (1 = asset account, 2 = liability account, 3 = expense account, 4 = revenue account)

Save in CSV format

Save the Excel document as a .csv file (comma separated values)

Open Import Editor

Open the window with the chart of accounts in timeSensor LEGAL. You will find this window in 'Special' under 'Accounting'. Select 'Import chart of accounts' from the 'Tools' menu.

Import data from the CSV document

Click on 'Import' and configure the import to correspond with your data:
- Choose 'Import table' as the import goal
- Choose the encoding accordingly so that umlauts are correctly displayed
- Assign the columns as shown to the correct fields in the import table

Add chart of accounts data

The imported data should now appear in the Import Editor. Make sure that the data is correct and click on 'Next' to complete the import. The accounts will now be added to the chart of accounts.