C7. What Is a Background Task and How Can I Set Up One?

There are several tasks that timeSensor LEGAL runs in the background with notice. Program administrators can control and manage those background tasks.

Open Background Tasks

Go to "Settings", then select "Background Tasks" from the "Admin" menu. This will open the background task window.

  1. In the list, click on the task that you wish to modify
  2. Choose if the task should run on your workstation or on your server (multi-workstation environment). Some task can only run locally and other only on the server, while a third category can run either locally or on the server.
  3. Activate or deactivate the task.
  4. If you turn on the task, you can select the time frame for it. You can specify if the task should run once or several times during that period.
  5. Enter further information under the time frame, if prompted.
  6. Click on "Run Now" to run the task immediately, if possible.





Description of the Tasks


This task does

    • automatically transfer services from the personal time sheet to the dossier
    • automatically create invoices, according to the plan or when the budget is exceeded
    • monitor compliance with budgets
    • send tickets, if necessary

In order for the task "Finances" to run properly, no database records may be blocked by users. In a single workstation environment, this means that you have to close the window "Dossier" and "Time Sheet". In a multi-user environment, no user may be logged in.

Recommendation: Have the task run between 01:00 and 02:00, when no one is logged in. A single execution of the task is enough. In a single workspace environment, you can run the task continuously every 5 minutes from 00:00 and 23:59.



Address Book

The task "Address Book" synchronizes your local Apple Contacts. This task can only be set up locally on a Mac.

You should select which addresses from timeSensor LEGAL should be synchronized with your Apple Contacts. Select the contacts to be synchronized by clicking on the contact type or category.


The task "Deadlines" exports deadlines to your calendar using the iCal format. You only need this task if you're publishing your deadlines and want to subscribe on your iPhone or other mobile devices.


If you've set up an email interface, the "Spooler" task will make sure that timeSensor LEGAL automatically and regularly connects to your inbox. It will download and process new emails from there. The task can be set up on the server or on a separate computer. It is recommended that you run the email interface on a separate mac, in order to increase stability and performance. Should the interface crash, it is easy to restart it without affecting the database.

Exchange Rates

The task "Exchange rate" must be activated if you want timeSensor to download the newest exchange rates from the European Central Bank or the Swiss Central Bank. This is only necessary if you're using foreign currencies.